Youth Football Sessions (16+)

Our youth football sessions take place every wednesday from 6-7pm and are friendly football matches against teams locally. This started from conversations especially through our youth employment programme and conversations hearing from young people about nothing to do and how much they miss playing 'fun, friendly' football.

We instinctively wanted to support friendly games and put our heads together and messaged a few of our friends, local organisations and volunteers to see if they could help. So far we've played 'Olders' from Peckwater, Residents and their friends, Torriano Primary school parents and Panik our sponsor and some of his friends. Our team, beaten only once by Panik and his friends are defo up for more challenges!

The football games are really relaxed and friendly and we're always looking for anyone who has a team or thinks they could get a team together to play us. Get in touch with Sharley directly on 07825 146 433 to arrange a game!