Kentish Town Futures Research Report 

Launch of community-led report:  ‘A Community Response to Knife Crime: Exploring Young People’s Needs’ by Kentish Town Futures, 10th March 2021.

We are a community group called Kentish Town Futures (KTF). We are a small and diverse group of local Kentish Town residents and professionals who came together in response to three fatal knife crimes during February 2018 in which three young men from Kentish Town lost their lives. 

As part of the wider community response, we wanted to do something positive for local young people so we formed KTF and conducted a community-led research project to find out how young felt about their local area and safety, what activities they wanted and whether they were willing to contribute to  making things happen for young people.  To this end, over the following 18 months we conducted a survey and interviews with 85 local young people aged between eight and 28 years. 

The links below will take you to our  Executive summary and Full Report,  entitled ‘A Community Response to Knife Crime: Exploring Young People’s Needs’ (2021). This report situates the views of young people in Kentish Town within the wider context of rising knife crime and loss of youth services in London and the UK. 

Our main hope is that the report can contribute to raising funding to provide more activities targeted at  young people, with the opportunity for young people themselves to co-design and deliver activities to ensure relevance and engagement. 

The research found that as well as a general willingness on the part of young people to be active participants in delivering activities,  a majority of young people (97% of survey participants) would consider volunteering to help younger children,  indicating a strong culture and ethics of care.  We also found that whilst local places can be sites where young people can feel  fearful and unsafe,  they are also key sites for mitigating fear and engendering feelings of safety due to familiarity and the presence of social ties.

We are considering holding an online event to launch the report if there is enough interest, with the idea of providing a space for presentation and discussion amongst people and groups who are concerned about provisions for young people, safety and knife crime, including hearing from young people themselves. 

Please do get in touch if you may be interested in attending, organising, giving a short presentation or drawing young people in to such an event, please do let us know.

We would also be delighted to hear if you can use the report to raise funds, inform your activities or any other positive purpose.

Kentish Town Futures   [email protected]

Bunny Schendler. Animation filmmaker

Debbie Humphry. Community researcher and campaigner.

Lucy Kimbell. Local resident.

Sadiya Wasuge. Local resident and community researcher.

Stana Downie. Primary School Teacher.  Torriano Primary School.


Sharley Peet-Newitt, Project manager, NW5 Community Play Project [email protected]